Christmas Day 2019: You need to know All these things related to Christmas Day

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The festival of Christmas is celebrated all over the world on 25 December. This festival is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Santa Claus is the most crazed Christmas occasion, especially children eagerly waiting to receive gifts from Santa Claus, but do you know why Santa Claus give gifts to children and when this tradition started, So let’s know interesting facts related to Christmas Day.

History of Christmas Day
According to Christianity, for the first time around 360 AD, the birthday of Jesus Christ was celebrated in a church in Rome. But at this time the debate over the date of Jesus Christ’s birthday was continuing. After this, on the 25th of December, the birthday of Jesus Christ was declared in the fourth century. Christmas Day was officially recognized in America in the year 1836 and December 25 was declared a public holiday.

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History of Santa Claus
Saint Nicholas was born on December 6 in 340 AD. According to Christian belief, every 25 December, Saint Nicholas brings gifts for children. It was here that Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus for children. It is said that his parents died in childhood. After growing up, he became a pastor and loved helping people. It is said that they used to give gifts to poor children and people at midnight so that no one could see them.

The story of the Christmas tree

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The story of the Christmas tree says that decorating the Christmas tree began several thousand years ago in Northern Europe. However, at that time, the Winter Festival was celebrated by decorating a tree named Fair. Gradually, the trend of the Christmas tree grew everywhere and everyone started bringing the tree home on this occasion. According to one belief, the Christmas tree was decorated by all the gods to express happiness at the time of Jesus’ birth. According to this belief, on the occasion of Christmas, people decorate the Christmas tree with colorful lights.

Who is the secret Santa, know everything about Christmas to be celebrated on December 25

Towards the end of the year, the tune of ‘Jingle Bell Jingle Bell’ has started to be heard with the cold weather. The children are waiting for Santa because he will bring beautiful gifts for them. Today we tell you some special things related to this festival before this Christmas.

Why is Christmas celebrated?

  • This festival is celebrated in the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ. There is no mention of the date of birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible, the holy book of Christians. But still, his birthday is celebrated as Christmas every year on 25 December.

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When did you celebrate the first Christmas

  • Christmas was celebrated for the first time in Rome in 336 BC on 25 December. A few years later, Pope Julius announced to celebrate the official Jesus Christ’s birthday on 25 December.

Start of Christmas tree

  • The Christmas tree began thousands of years ago in Europe. At that time this festival was celebrated by decorating the tree. Now the Christmas tree is easily available, everyone decorates the Christmas tree with chocolates, toys, lights and presents.

Christmas gift giving and nicholas story

  • Saint Nicholas is considered the real Santa. Saint Nicholas was born in Myra 280 years after the death of Lord Ishu. Saint Nicholas was orphaned as a child, due to which he had a deep faith in the Lord Jesus. Saint Nicholas grew up to be a Christian clergyman and later to become a bishop. He loved to give gifts to children and needy people. Whenever Saint Nicholas gave a gift, he always gave it at midnight because he did not like to be seen giving gifts and did not want to reveal his identity to anyone.

How is Christmas celebrated in Christian countries

  • In Christian countries, this festival is celebrated with great pomp. Schools, colleges and offices get holidays before Christmas. Markets, roads and malls are decorated. Easter Eve is celebrated on 24 December and the party is held on 25 December, which lasts for 12 days.  


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