April fools pranks for kids 2019 – best jokes on April 1 [IDEAS]

April fools pranks for kids
April fools pranks for kids

Jokes on April Fool’s Day, even a few days before April 1, are sought after by many people who want to find the original jokes on this occasion. If you do not have the idea of ​​making fun on April fools pranks for kids, parents, a boy or a girl, then we have came to help. Below we have collected the best jokes and jokes for you that you can do to your relatives.

The best ideas for the April Fool’s Day 2019 – at school, for children, for parents, for a boy, for a girl, for a sister, for a brother, by SMS, via the Internet . If you do not have ideas for jokes on April Fool’s Day, then below you will find our suggestions. 

April Fool’s Day 2019 – when is it, what does it mean and what is the history of this holiday?

Fool’s Day – Jokes: at school, for children, for parents, for a boy
The funniest jokes on April Fool’s Day are below. We found jokes for you that you can do for parents, children, sister, brother, boy or girl. Check out our suggestions for jokes on April Fool’s Day.

April fools pranks for kids And others

  • 1.Salt instead of sugar – this joke at April Fool’s Day is always working!
  • A trick with a computer desktop – just go to the computer, do a print screen desktop(windows key +prt sc key), and then set the photo as your desktop background. Remember to put all files in one folder and hide in the taskbar.
  • The worm in the sugar bowl – cut the raisin in half and roll the half with your fingers to make it look like a worm. Then we place it in the sugar bowl.
  • Scrambled eggs with hard-boiled eggs – we boil all the eggs we keep in the fridge. Then ask the close person to make scrambled eggs.
  • A joke with a watch – we set all the watches in the house one hour back or forth.
  • Broken TV – how to make this joke on April Fool’s Day? Just pull the plug from the socket so that it looks like it was there all the time.
  • Extremely unpleasant muffins – when baking muffins, add a tasty, fruity filling to ketchup or mayonnaise. The skewed face of your beloved is guaranteed!
  • Broken remote control – if we want to make a joke on April Fool’s Day, all we have to do is remove the battery from the remote control.
  • Jokes on the April Fool’s Day – the best and original jokes on April 1, 2019
  • Below you will find original jokes on April Fool’s Day 2019 , which you can do, among others colleagues from work. However, let’s remember to look at jokes with a grain of salt this day. It’s all about having fun, and the April Fool’s jokes are meant to make you smile on the other person’s face.
  • Stick your friends and colleagues with sticky notes on their backs with funny inscriptions.
  • Wrap the co-workers’ job post with sticky notes.
  • Tell your colleague that he was called to the boss when he will not be there.
  • Take the coin and glue it to the floor. Then watch colleagues who will try to pick up the glued money.
  • Wrap your colleague’s computer with an aluminum foil.

April Fool’s Day  literally means the first day of April. It is a  day of jokes , which is celebrated in many countries around the world. It’s about making jokes, pranks and deliberately misleading someone. In this period, also in many media appear jocular information, aimed at creating a smile at the recipient. One of those jokes on April Fool’s Day, which was recorded in history, was cut by the BBC station in 1957. Television announced that thanks to the mild winter and other favorable factors, Swiss farmers managed to collect the first crops of spaghetti. In addition, the video was accompanied by video material on which were presented smiling farmers who were just picking pasta from the trees. Thousands of people believed in television information. They called the BBC asking them for information on how to grow spaghetti in home gardens. 

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Interestingly, with the making of jokes by school-age children in some regions was also related to March 12, that is, St. Grzegorz (patron of students). This custom was called gregorian or geche.



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