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Commando 3 Hindi full movie review watch online free

commando 3
commando 3

If you are a fan of action films and Vidyut Jammwal’s action attracts you, then you should watch this movie. Power Actions are really worth watching. They cover all the shortcomings of the film with their actions. Also, Angira and Ada’s actions also act as a temper.

After watching commando 3’s Action

Action films are called action films because they contain action and when the film has been announced, it has not been rational to find a story in action films. Yes, if the story is strong in an action film, it becomes the icing on the cake, but director Aditya Dutt found it more appropriate to rely on action than the story because he had Vidyut Jammwal.

The thread of the story is very fine. A terrorist wants to carry out an incident like 9/11 in India and how does a commando prevent the incident from happening. 

The entire film has been produced based on just this story. The action scenes of Vidyut Jammwal are truly made. Today is the biggest action star. The ease with which he goes through the biggest stunts, it seems that he is accustomed to doing such stunts every day. That is, they give credibility to the character.

If you talk about performance, Vidyut Jammwal makes the entire film visible through his action. Ada Sharma’s comic style is fun. His and Angira’s actions were unexpected. 

Overall, it would not be wrong to say, Aditya would have done a little more work on screen. Special effects are very weak. When the actors are good, the production is grand, the release is better, then there would have been a lot better if there were ups and downs in the story.

Commando Hindi full movie watch online

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