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What are the cute things to say to a girl over text? 42 Smart ideas

cute things to say to a girl over text
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Do you want to say cute things to a girl, but your language refuses to obey you? Use our hints! Just remember to choose your words carefully, depending on how close you are with each other. Remember a few slogans and you will certainly positively surprise your sympathy.

1. With you, I feel like a lucky person.

2. You are more beautiful every time I look at you.

3. I love your sense of humor.

4. It’s unique that you can look after other people so much.

5. You are so sweet that I am afraid of diabetes.

6. If I get lost, I would like to find my eyes.

7. Your voice is sweeter than honey.

8. You have no idea how I love to talk to you.

9. The very sound of your voice makes me feel even the worst mood.

10. I want to be with you, hold your hand and guard against the whole world.

11. I will be with you, whatever happens.

I love it when you blush with the things I say.

Every moment spent with you is at a premium.

You look delicious until I want to devour you.

15I feel fulfilled with you.

Your lips are sweeter than honey.

When I’m alone, I think of you and grin as crazy.

You are mine and mine only – all rights reserved.

I love to feel your warmth when you are close.

In the depths of your eyes, you can really get lost.

A day without your smile is a day wasted.

I love your juicy lips.

Whenever I think of you, my soldier stands at attention.

I’ve been waiting all my life for someone like you.

25. I love to hug you.

How many times I meet you, I fall in love with you again.

My heart dies when you’re gone.

You are like an angel sent to me from heaven.

I think God created you on Sunday.

I love you more than anything in the world.

You are beautiful like a meadow full of flowers.
All other girls pale in comparison with you.
No girl can match you.
Because of you, the other girls have complexes.
I’m sure thousands of girls cry every night in a pillow that they’re not as beautiful as you are.
You shine with your inner beauty.
You have such a sexy voice. His very sound turns me on.
For the sound of your voice in the evening, it’s worth surviving all the hardships of the day.
You are more to me than anything.
I love how you understand my thoughts before I speak to them.
You are a lot more mature than your friends
I love this child in you.
You are the sweetest cookie I’ve ever tasted.

Most important Tip

  • If you are ashamed to speak bold words when talking in private, you can always write something nice in an SMS or a note. Remember, however, that closeness and eye contact are extremely important here. And some things just have to flow from the heart. Don’t say “love” if you don’t love it… and if you love – don’t be afraid to say it! Even if you have problems with conversation, you must remember that verbal communication is just as important as physical contact – just holding hands is not enough. If you lose speech when you see it, make at least some charming phrases and the rest will come by itself. For those who want nothing difficult – believe that it is worth going through a difficult beginning for the final effect. Good luck!

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