Xiaomi introduced the World first double folding smartphone

Video of a World first double folding smartphone was inserted on the Chinese social networking site Weibo 

Chinese tech company Xiaomi has introduced the world’s first double-folding smartphone. The company has posted its video on the Chinese social networking website Weibo. In the video, the company’s co-founder Lin Bin has asked people to suggest the name of this smartphone.

World first double folding smartphone

Dual Flex or Xiaomi Mix Flex might be the name

  1. According to sources, the company can have its name, Shiaomi Dual Flex or Shiamami Mix Flex. This device has three screens and when it is fully opened it transforms into the tablet. This video has so far received over 32 lakh views. There is no information about the price of the phone so far. 

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2. Samsung introduced a prototype of the foldable smartphone last year. The consumer version may be launched this year. Royal, LG, and Motorola are also going to launch the foldable device this year. However, they all have created a single-fold smartphone. Google is updating Android to the foldable device so that the manufacturers do not have to make their operating system

That video shows Xiaomi president Bin Lin using the smartphone and folding it in half and when both sides of the device are folded backwards it transforms it from a tablet form into a compact phone.

Xiaomi doesn’t provide many details about its foldable phone and does note that the company has experienced a series of technical problems such as flexible folding screen technology, four-wheel drive folding shaft technology and MIUI adaptation.

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