eSIM is coming. Will it be a smartphone revolution? what is esim ?

eSIM is coming. Will it be a smartphone revolution? what is esim ?


eSIM is coming. Will it be a smartphone revolution? what is esim ? It’s not difficult to guess, it’s just an electronic SIM card. In the simplest words – when signing a contract with the operator and receiving the phone. we do not get any media, such as micro sim or nano sim.

Thus we do not have to play with placing a tiny card in the phone. Therefore, the eSIM card is simply a small chip, which is permanently included in the device, and on which we can encode certain data. This is a convenient solution, because when we change, for example, the operator, we no longer have to run to the salon or order a new card.

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All you have to do is download the appropriate data that we will encode on your phone. In other words, when we have eSIM, we also have a built-in chip, but we can freely change operators. Saying “removing SIMlock” will go into oblivion. Furthermore, eSIM has one more advantage – if our phone is lost somewhere due to theft, it will be easier to locate it or just turn off various functions in it. Of course, knowing life as soon as eSIM comes to good use, there will surely be criminals who will somehow walk around the system. But for now it is not going to happen.


ESIM technology can be a small revolution in the field of smartphones, because it’s a change in the standard and certain things to which we’ve been accustomed by, for a few decades. But a big revolution this system is in the case of any gadgets that we carry on our hands. While the change from SIM to eSIM on a smartphone is not drastic, in the case of a smartwatch it is so. Even the nanoSIM slot.

which is the smallest version of the SIM card, after all takes up a lot of valuable space that could be used on other components in the smart watch. Apple has been testing eSIMs for some time now, this option is possible in the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4. It was also introduced by Samsung in its Gear S2 Classic, so switching to this standard, at least in terms of wearables, seems inevitable.

So, what you think about e-sim in future . Will it be helpful for us . Let us know in comment section  below.

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