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How do you pose for a good picture? Try This 9 ideas

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Your position can make the photo fatal or fantastic. It’s important to know in what position and from what angle you look best. A mirror and a few pics will tell you how to pose and what positions to avoid.

If you look bad on most of the photos you have, it means you are too nervous in front of the camera.

However, this does not mean that you have to look the same in every photo and that you can not improvise. It all depends on your fantasy and confidence.

To get out well in the pictures you need to work out and choose the positions in which you present yourself best. Some of these items may be full of drama, others have seen in magazines fashion – first of all you need to look great in them.

1. Check what angle you look best at

Posing for photos is not difficult when you know from which perspective you look best. This can be easily checked. Stand in front of the mirror and try different positions. If you have a flat stomach and wide hips, this can be a sideways position, if you have short legs then you will probably come out better if the photo is taken from below, etc.

2. You should know what not to do when posing

  • Do not take pictures from your hand – this limits the ability to pose and makes the nose in the photo look larger than it actually is.
  • Do not stand straight in front of the camera with arms hanging over the sides. It will look more interesting if you at least put your hands in your pocket.
  • Do not pose for photos in a way you have not tried before in the mirror. You can leave the picture unnaturally and strangely.

3. Pose with the body parts

  • Do something with your hands – put them on your hips, play with your hair, hold a prop in your hands.
  • Use props to make the photo more interesting. You can use them for any type of photo – it can be beach sand, scallop, flower, scarf, etc.
  • Choose those positions where you feel good and natural.

4. At a smart angle

A classic position for photos is to face the camera with one leg and one arm extended forward and slightly twisted hips. Women take this position naturally, worse with men who usually stand upright. You can also reverse head gently aside and look straight at the camera – just like George Washington does when posing for a photo on a $ 1 banknote.

5. If you are sitting, sit gently at an angle to the camera.

If you sit upright, your thighs and stomach will appear much thicker than they really are.

6. Always look a little higher than the camera.

Thanks to this your eyes will be more open. If the photographer is below your level, look ahead. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis always uses this method. In addition, this technique allows you to reduce red-eye.

7. Bend over

Tilt your body slightly forward towards the camera. This will make the photo more interesting. This position also causes facial tension so that wrinkles and flabbiness are less visible skin. Remember not to raise the chin too much.

8. Get rid of the second chin.

Try to lengthen the neck and gently raise the head up. The camera should be above you or at least at the same level. If you are sitting, you can also put one hand under the chin so that it looks like you are propping up. If possible, try to hide the part of the hand with the thumb from the camera. Do not rest your head with all its weight so as not to distort the skin on the neck.

9. Relaxation also helps in the best pose

The more relaxed and confident you are, the better you will look in the picture. A smile for a photo should not look like pronouncing “cheese”. That he would look naturally practice it in front of the mirror.

If you look bad on most of the photos you have, it means you are too nervous in front of the camera. If you know that the photo will be taken soon take a deep breath and relax your hands and arms as you breathe out.

  • Do not hold your breath when taking pictures.
  • If you know that taking a picture is delayed, do not panic and do what you do ignoring the camera.
  • Relax your lips and forehead to smooth the wrinkle between your eyes.

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