3 ideas, How to make my partner work? Why my partner does not help me at home?

How to make my partner work? If your partner does not help you at home, it may be due to many factors that have shaped him in this direction. Fortunately, this behavior can be changed.

“How to make my partner work?” is a question that we often hear in everyday conversations. And we do not have to carry out in-depth research to know that today’s woman is extremely tired and frustrated. It will be appropriate to analyze this situation, look for causes and possible solutions.

How to make my partner work

Lack of cooperation is a constant source of problems in the relationship of two people.

Earlier this situation was justified because the man was responsible for providing income. The woman, in turn, remained at home, taking care of the children.

Times, however, have changed. The woman took on other important roles. However, the old mentality is often maintained: it should be the home. And that’s why the partner does not help her at home.

A contemporary woman works, earns money, takes care of children and performs housework. Meanwhile, he does not even move his finger when he comes home from work.

Although much is said today about gender equality, it is clear that there is still a huge gap in mentality that must be overcome. It is a complicated fight that many women continue.

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Why my partner does not help me?

Our difference in the perception of home duties is distorted by each one’s personal story. This is the rooted inequality between men and women and the expectations with which we enter into marriage.

There are many reasons why you can say: “My partner does not help me at home”:

  • Education depending. A man whose mother dealt with absolutely all the work at home does not realize that he must cooperate in anything . He does not understand this because his expectations of marriage are such that his wife will do exactly the same as mother and dot.
  • “Superstar woman.” Sometimes a man does not help at home because of the behavior of a woman who does not share duties with her partner. Thus, they get used to him doing nothing. He does not even ask him to help with anything.
  • He does not know how to do it. It may sound like an excuse, and in most cases it really is. However, in many situations the partner does not help because he does not know how to do it. When he wants to do his part, he ends up in a chaos worse than the one he wanted to repair.
  • Machismo. Although society evolved in the role of women, development did not occur at the same speed in the minds of some men. Some men are still clinging to the idea that dish washing captures their masculinity.

And still others think that they are a kind of king, who should come to his home only to be dealt with.

What to do if the partner does not help?How to make my partner work?

If you are mentally and physically tired due to a lack of cooperation with your partner, it is time to take action. We present you with a few tips to let this state of suffering end once and for all.

  • Face the situation. Ask your partner what is stopping him and why he is not trying to support his family in such an important aspect as keeping order at home.
  • Look for his strengths. Although you are a couple, you are also different people, so you have to sit down and look for what your partner does best. For example, some women sometimes are not very good at cooking, and some men can not manage. You need to discover what each of you is the best and assign tasks accordingly.
  • To-do list. Making a list of tasks at home, perhaps divided into days, can be ideal for the most forgetful to remember about your duties.

Train him to help you

As we explained, it’s not always about the lack of interest from your partner . Maybe your partner does not help because of upbringing, or maybe your own attitude compels him to depend. As a result, he may not have a clue how and what he would do. It’s time to train him.

Give him basic tasks such as cleaning windows, washing dishes, removing spider webs from the highest parts of the house or daily carrying out trash. It is important that you never criticize what you do.

Do not look at him all the time to see what he is doing wrong and immediately scold or correct him. Instead, tactfully teach him to improve things that are not going too well.

Does everything in your home seem to be only on your head? Does the phrase “My partner does not help me at home” form part of your everyday conversations? If you want to change it, you have to take the first stepyourself .

Follow the guidelines above we have explained here and improve the quality of your life and never say how to make my partner work? Together with your partner, create an arrangement that will benefit both parties and which each of you will find satisfactory.

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