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How to remove moisture from the car?

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If this problem applies to yours car , you know how moisture can make a driver’s life sad. Especially when you are in a hurry, you fall into the car and water greets you. Of course from the inside. Wiping the windows every time is not the smart idea. So we will introduce with some of our best and smart tips to remove moisture from your car.

Smart Tips to remove moisture from car:

  • Use moisture absorber inside car
  • Replace the rugs with rubber ones
  • If your car has glass without frames, take care of the seals
  • Set the air circulation to open
  • Heat front and rear windows with blower at maximum speed
  • Wipe the glass with an anti-para preparation
  • Check if heater is not leak
  • Before leaving a heated car, cool down the interior

1.As the reason can be prosaic, it is worth starting with the simplest methods. First of all, check what is happening under the rugs (unless you have rubber ones, because then after each ride in wet shoes you can simply pour water out of them). If it’s wet there, try putting newspapers under them overnight – they’ll absorb moisture and in the morning you can throw them away (and you should even). Instead of newspapers, you can spread cat litter, which absorbs moisture very well.

2.Drying the liner with a dryer can also help. When you get rid of the wet stain, immediately replace the rugs with rubber ones, and forget about velor ones by summer.

3.If your car has glass without frames, take care of the seals. Treat them specially for them intended preparation, which makes them more flexible and prevents water leakage. Yes, I know that such windows look nice, but their disadvantage is that they don’t like rain. Anyway, in traditional doors it is also worth checking the seals. You can also use technical vaseline or silicone spray.

4.Set the air circulation to open, and if you have already done so and the problem persists, make sure that the circulation flap is not jammed.

5.You can help yourself by heating the front and rear windows and the blower at maximum speed. Check if warm air is coming – cold will not help here. Also turn on the air conditioning, but wait a few moments after starting the warmer blower.

6.Similarly, you can help yourself by wiping the glass with an anti-para preparation. It is used on washed and of course dry glass. After using such a specifics, a coating is created on the glass to prevent steam from forming. Apparently, hair shampoo also works, specifically Camomile.

7.I would not recommend a way with a pipe and leaving the window open for a few hours or a night, unless you plan a campfire. Then buy and mustard.

8.The cause may also be a leak from the heater. To view it well, you should remove it – you may not notice any leakage from the top.

9.When it is raining, try to put a wet cover and umbrella in the trunk as much as possible.

10.The culprit may also be a cabin filter. It accepts, in addition to pollution, moisture, which is then transferred to the cabin when you turn on the blower.

11.If you have a garage, try leaving the windows slightly open for the night.

12.Refuel to full capacity. It is true that the amount of fuel in the tank has nothing to do with the steam on the windows, but it can harm in a different way. Water vapor deposits on the cold walls of the tank, and its amount is inversely proportional to the amount of fuel. As a result, it may be harder to start the engine or it may run unevenly.

13.You can also treat yourself to webasto, although it is an expensive solution. Webasto is a parking heater, independent of the engine, which we turn on remotely 30-60 min before setting off. Result? We get into a hot, dry car with a hot engine, which asks for less fuel.

14.Another suggestion is to put a moisture absorber in the car, but this is another thing that will only eliminate the effect.

15.Before leaving a heated car, cool down the interior, preferably turning off the heating a few minutes before reaching the destination, and finally ventilate it.

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