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How to tie a tie? 6 smart ways to tie a tie

how to tie a tie 6 steps
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Do you know how to tie a tie in several ways? The history of the tie dates back to ancient times, although it was only known in shape in the 20th century. He is a very characteristic element of men’s clothing. It adds character and allows you to emphasize personality. As for the dimensions of the tie, its length should be about 140cm, and the width is 7-9 cm. Of course, you can find other dimensions but these are accepted as the standard.

We already have a historical outline but let’s look for the answer to the bothering ones – how to tie a tie?

The ability to tie a tie is the basis for an elegant man. If you do not have it yet, in the following entry I will show you how to tie a tie in several ways.

I have been tying myself since my first job, where wearing it was a required part of the wardrobe (of course, together with the suit), and my mother-in-law taught me how to tie a tie.

Let’s answer another important question before – why even solve it?

The answer is very simple:

  • A tie breaks when tied (the longer it ties, the worse)
  • According to the rules of wearing a tie, its length depends on the position of the belt and this can be different for each pant
  • It takes about half a minute to tie it efficiently.

Let’s finally answer the question of how to tie a tie? The answer is not simple, because there are several nodes depending on what effect we want to achieve.

But first, remember the first three steps that we use for each type of binding:

  • Put on the collar
  • Hang the tie around your neck so that both ends hang down,
  • Arrange the tie so that the thinner part on the left side is about 1/3 the length of the wider end.

Well then we tie 

Four in hand node (also called a simple node)

Its name comes from the number of moves that must be made when making it.

How to tie a tie?  6 ways to tie a tie

Tying a tie step by step:

  1. first we put the wider end of the tie around the narrower one
  2. we put a wider one at the front of the binding, and we put the wide end under the entire knot and lead it out under the chin
  3. put in the resulting loop
  4. we model and ready.

Half Windsor knot

(for people who think the previous node is too narrow).

How to tie a tie?  6 ways to tie a tie 2

Step by step binding:

  1. we cross the ends,
  2. we put the wider tip into the binding from above, under the chin,
  3. pull the wide tip pulled out from below to squeeze the already formed base of the node (repeating this movement again, only from the other side of the node we will get a “double Windsor”),
  4. we finish by translating the wide tip at the front, insert it from below, pull it out under the neck and finish inserting it into the resulting loop.

A crossroads node

Only suitable for wide collars and narrow ties.

How to tie a tie?  6 ways to tie a tie 3

Step by step binding:

  1. put the wide end under the rear crossbar (thanks to this the front one will round off)
  2. hold the narrow end
  3. slide the knot to the collar
  4. before, before completing it completely, arrange the crossed binding.

American classic knot

To tie a classic American knot on a tie, remember that its seam must be outside.

How to tie a tie?  6 ways to tie a tie 
american knot

Step by step binding:

  1. you put a tie around your neck
  2. with one hand hold the narrow end, with the other turn the wider end so that its seam is inside,
  3. you put it over
  4. pull out underneath over the short end
  5. you put the crossbars underneath and through the resulting loop.

Diagonal node

This knot works well with silk ties or ties made of shiny materials.

How to tie a tie?  6 ways to tie a tie 5

Step by step binding:

  1. pass the wider end under the narrower one and repeat this step,
  2. translate under the narrower end, above and below the crossbar,
  3. help yourself by holding the bar,
  4. put the wider end through the loop and align it.

Free American knot

Tying a tie this way is easier than it sounds.

How to tie a tie?  6 ways to tie a tie 6

Step by step binding:

  1. of course we start by putting a tie around the neck,
  2. holding the narrow end, wide turn the seam up,
  3. cross the wide end under a narrow,
  4. lead the wide end up,
  5. put it through the loop and drag it to the right downwards,
  6. holding firmly the wide end we translate over half the node from right to left and pull through the loop from the bottom up,
  7. the wide end should be inserted into the loop of the last binding from above and dragged downwards,
  8. finally, hold the narrow end and move the knot towards the collar.

Do I need to know all these nodes?

Definitely not, one or two knots should be enough. It’s good to master one, let’s say Four in hand – it’s enough for most occasions, and then we can play with others or modify this one. As the second one I recommend the “half Windsor” node, it is a classic and symmetrical node that makes it “more elegant”. We can use it for other than business trips, our partner will definitely notice this detail and appreciate it.

I think you already know how to tie a tie, learn these two knots and have fun with others. Finally, remember, keep your tie always untied, so that it is rolled up.

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