Hrithik seeks help from sister Kangana: Rangoli

Everyone knows about the differences between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan in Bollywood. Kangana has claimed that Hrithik once mentally and sexually harassed her.

 There were arguments between them for over a year. One of them has also been charged with cases. In this regard, Kangana sister Rangoli revealed sensational issues.

 Hrithik’s sister Sunaina has been severely harassed by her family. Rangoli made a series of tweets by making sensational accusations against the Roshan family.

Hrithik’s sister Sunaina loves a Muslim man from Delhi. The family did not like the matter. Sunina is physically and mentally tortured to forget him. At this, a female police officer was summoned to the house and warmed to Sunaina. Today, Sunaina is very sad in this situation. 

She was enjoying the hell out of her house. Kangana phoned for help. However, Kangana does not know how to help Sunaina. That’s why I’m putting all these things on Twitter, ”Rangoli said.

sunaina roshan is asking kangana for help
sunaina roshan is asking kangana for help

Furthermore, ‘Sunaina security is also important to us. Everyone has the right to love someone. I hope Roshan’s family backs down and accepts Sunaina’s love, at least after seeing these tweets, ”Rangoli said in a series of tweets. 

Kangana has revealed that she has a good friendship with Sunaina in the past. And in the meantime, Suzanne has been stirred up with her family. 

In the Kangana Hrithik controversy, Sunaina has always supported Kangana as a Twitter platform with her brother Hrithik.

sunaina roshan
sunaina roshan

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