Meet the world’s biggest power bank

Volkswagen presented a portable charger enabling fast power supply of the cars with electricity. It works on the principle of a “powerbank” for a mobile phone.

Worlds biggest power bank for car

Regardless of whether there is access to the power supply network or not, the portable charger can be used wherever there is a need to top up an electric car – eg in a parking lot, in front of a supermarket or during a football match.

The device can power four cars simultaneously – two of them in the process of fast charging with direct current. The total energy capacity of the charger is up to 360 kWh and is average enough to supply 15 electric vehicles. such as Volkswagen’s future electric cars from the new ID family.

Thanks to the fast charging technology, the process of supplying the car with energy lasts, on average, only 17 minutes. When the energy level of the device drops below 20 percent, simply replace it with a charged battery. If, however, the charger is connected to an AC mains power supply of up to 30 kW, its battery will charge itself. If the charger’s battery is supplied with current from renewable sources, such as solar energy or wind energy, the charger will make the car move in an environmentally neutral way from the point of view of the carbon dioxide emission.

The first portable quick chargers will be installed in the main Volkswagen AG plant in the first half of 2019 as part of the pilot project, becoming an element of the electricity supply infrastructure in Wolfsburg. From 2020, chargers will also be used in other cities and municipalities.

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