Sachin is searching for the waiter who found his weakness.


Recently, Sachin has sought help on social media to find the person who helped him when he used to play cricket. This person is not a waiter but someone else.

Sachin Tendulkar is called the God of cricket in India. Sachin has been the biggest hero of Indian cricket for a long time. Tendulkar is looking for a special person these days, about whom he wrote on Twitter. Tendulkar has appealed to his fans to help him find that special person.

Special advice was given to Sachin

Sachin has recently shared a video in which he is narrating a special experience that happened in Chennai. In this video, Sachin has sought help to find this waiter on Twitter. This waiter advised Sachin to change the design of his elbow guard.

What Sachin said?

Sachin said in this video, Sachin said, “A sudden meeting can be memorable. I met a waiter in Taj Koramandal. During the test series, I discussed my elbow guard in Chennai after which I redesigned him. I wonder where he will be today and want to meet him again. ” Sachin wrote in his tweet, “Hey nittigens can you help me find him.”

Bat swing turns

Tendulkar recalled in the video when he ordered coffee at the hotel when he brought coffee for him. Then he told Sachin that whenever he bats with an elbow guard, his bat swing changes. He felt this after seeing Sachin’s shots again and again.

Tendulkar has told that the fan feels that whenever I apply arm guard, the swing of my bat changes. I was surprised to hear this because I have not talked to anyone about this till date, nor did anyone know about it. I told him that you are the only person in the world who has noticed it so carefully.

did he know that Sachin said in the video, “He told me ‘I see that whenever you wear arm guards, your bat swing changes.’ He said that he is a big fan of mine and he used to rewind every ball of mine 5-7 times. “

Sachin redesigned Elbo Guard

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar said that after this he redesigned his elbow guard. Designed the guard with the correct size, correct padding and correct strap, which helped them. In the caption of Tendulkar’s video, he wrote, “I wonder where he will be today and want to meet him. Will you guys help me find him?”

Sachin said that the world was the only one who recognized this , “I said yes.” You are the only one in the world who has recognized this fact. You wouldn’t believe that when I went back to my room and redesigned my elbow guard, corrected its size, corrected its padding and fitted the strap. “

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