What will happen? A brilliant trick with salt and boiling water

Four – five tablespoons of table salt and boiling water together can be freed from troublesome domestic problems, which every now and then touches everyone. Our grandmothers have already used this method. It is worth remembering – you save time, money and the environment.

  • Salt and boiling water together
  • Also with soda and vinegar

Salt in combination with boiling water is an effective way to stop the sink drainage.

Salt combined with boiling water is an effective way to clog the outflow of a sink, bathtub or sink. It does not destroy pipes, it is safe for health and ecological. It’s enough to pour about five tablespoons of salt into the tide, and slowly flood it with about two liters of very hot water. Hair, residual food or fat in the pipes will not be a problem anymore.

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It is worth knowing that this method will only work in a situation where the outflow has not completely lost its patency.

To strengthen the salt, you can mix it in equal amounts with soda. The mixture should be covered with a drain and then poured with a cup of vinegar (it can be preheated).

In order to prevent the flow from closing, it is worth using salt with boiling water once a week.

Have you tried this trick with salt and boiling water? If yes than comment below. How was your experience?

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