This will be the Samsungs Folding Smartphone (with video)

This will be the Samsungs Folding Smartphone

South Korean smartphone manufacturer, is bringing a foldable smartphone soon. The Samsungs Folding Smartphone is called Galaxy F.

Although Galaxy F is not publicly announced for the public, however, during a special ceremony which will be held on February 20, Samsung is expected to make public information about this smartphone. Samsung will announce Galaxy S10 on that day

Samsungs Folding Smartphone

Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone can be seen in a video. The user logged in has uploaded a video to youtube. This video is claimed to be Gaylexy F’s Official Video of the Samsung.

In addition to some other Samsung smartphones and products, the foldable smartphone can also be seen clearly.

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What are the features of foldable smartphones?

According to the report, Samsung’s foldable smartphone will have a 7.3 inch screen. It can be folded and changed to a small tablet. The screen’s Aspect Ratio 4: 2-3 and the resolution will be 1536 × 2152 pixels. It will have 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

This phone has been equipped with an Exynos 9820 or Qualcomm 855 processor. The smartphone price will be $ 1800

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