Are you afraid that someone can watch you in the dressing room? There is a simple trick to check it out

We will let you know the simple trick to check. Are you safe or not?

Sometimes you feel anxious before entering the dressing room. Perhaps it is related to the fact that you are afraid that someone may be watching you. There is a simple way to check if the mirror that is there is single or double-sided.

If you have concerns that someone else is in the dressing room, for example behind a Venetian mirror, you can easily verify that your privacy is properly maintained. Try the following two tricks, and you’ll be sure there’s no one on the other side.

The first way

If it is possible, turn off the light in the dressing room. Turn on the flashlight on the phone and put the light on the mirror. If it is a two-way mirror, the room on the other side will be slightly illuminated. You will be able to see the streak of light.

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Second method

Perform a nail test. Just put your fingernail on the surface of the mirror. If there is no break between him and his reflection – there is a good chance that you are being peeked. If the break is – you can be calm – the mirror is safe.

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