SPIDER MAN FAR FROM HOME -Official Trailer, Marvel

spider man far from home
spider man far from home

Spider man far from home short story:

Peter Parker returns as Spider-Man in the new movie “Spider-Man: Far from Home.” Our superhero from the neighborhood joins his best friends – Neda, MJ and the rest, to go on a European holiday together. And yet the plan to abandon the incarnation of Spider-Man for a few weeks fails when Peter – with great resistance – decides to help Nick Fury discover the secret of the mysterious attacks that ravage the continent.

Here is trailer of movie spider man far from home

The line, “The world need the next Iron Man” stays with you even after the trailer ends and makes on wonder if Peter Parker is ready to fill in the void that has been left behind after the fatefull snap! 

Spider-Man Far From Home has been helmed by Jon Watts, who also directed Spider-Man Homecoming


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