The preparation of foldable iPhone

Foldable iphone-For the smartphone industry, this year will be the special year 2019. On some occasions, some companies have prepared to launch their own network connectivity smartphones, on the other hand, some companies will launch a smart folding smartphone .

foldable iphone

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Earlier, Samsung, Sommi, Hawwawee, LG, Lenovo and Motorola have announced to bring foldable smartphones.

With the manufacture of other companies about foldable phones, Apple iPhone maker Apple has announced its first foldable smartphone.

Apple has recently registered the patent of its first foldable iphone design. According to the news, Apple filed such a template in 2011, with updated in 2016. The patented design registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office of America has been public on February 14th.

The design of public has shown the sketch of the foldable phone of the app, which has also been briefly informed about the design of the phone.

The name of the foldable iPhone will be “wrap around”. According to the scatch registered in the Patent, this phone has been given an Edge to Edge display.

No home button on the phone. Also the headphone jacket does not appear on the phone. So it’s supposed to be the virtual button instead of the real button.

Apple can use the connection to display the phone’s flexibility of OLED display. With the help of connections, the phone is easily folded.

According to the news, the foldable iPhone of the apple will be folded up and down both. Apple has yet not made any official announcement about the launch of foldable iphone.

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