Top 15 most searched and downloaded 3D movies


3D movies are constantly enjoying your interest. We checked what the best 3D movies that were downloaded from torrents. See the TOP 15 3D movie titles that have appeared online.

Because the availability of 3D movies in traditional programs is negligible, you look for them on the Internet, on torents and movie sites like Piratebay. We do not approve of piracy. We would like to remind you that downloading movies from sites such as Piratebay, chomikuj or watching on CDA is really robbing producers and, worse, bumping censuses and thieves. I do not discuss here with the fact that the availability and offer of the official channel is negligible . What’s more, it fights against the possibility of bypassing regional blockades .

The following list of TOP 15 3D movies that are worth watching, let you be an inspiration for visual three-dimensional entertainment.

1. Ant-Man 3D

In 2015, Marvel Comics presented a superhero who can reduce himself to the size of an ant, gaining a supernatural power. In 2018, the next part of Ant-Man ant the Wasp was appeared.

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2. Everest 3D

Everest 3D is about a group of people who want to reach the highest peak in the world. However, the expedition is much more dangerous than it may seem at first.

3. Goose skin 3D

Goose skin 3D
 will only be released on February 5, and is now available online. In a city, monsters from books come to life and only a couple of teenagers can stop them.

4. Jupiter: 3D enthronement

The war for power transferred into a distant cosmos performed by the Wachowski brothers, the creators of the Matrix . Jupiter Jones discovers his destiny, which is the possession of the empire, producing nectar prolonging life.

5. Mad Max 3D: On the road of anger

Tom Hardy known, among others from Zycha and The Legend returned in 2015, as Mad Max in a duel for death and life in the endless desert. The film was one of the longest-awaited images of recent months. The photos ended in 2012, the premiere was postponed and it was only in 2015 that the film hit the cinema screens … and then into the network.

6. 3D Martian

Ridley Scott takes us to Mars, where he is recognized as a dead astronaut trying to contact Earth. For a few months, left alone, he has to deal with foreign conditions and, above all, survive to see the rescue mission.

7. 3D minions

The third edition of not very clever creatures, which this time are going to serve Scarlett O’Haracz, who wants to gain power over the world.

8. 3D pixels

Piksele is a combination of comedy and science-fiction cinema . Aliens come to Earth, taking the form of the characters from games from the times of slot machines. The struggle for survival begins.

9. Peter. Trip to Neverland 3D

Once again, we can see the story of an orphan boy who goes to the magical land of Neverland to become the title Piotr Pan.

10. Poltergeist 3D

Poltergeist is the scariest movie we can see through 3D glasses. In a haunted house, a family with three children will have to face demons.

11. San Andreas 3D

San Andreas
 is a catastrophic movie, where special effects are its most important aspect. Great photos, thrilling action and a desperate fight for life while the biggest earthquakes of a magnitude that have never been recorded before begin.

12. Terminator Genisys 3D

The fifth edition of the greatest battle of humanity with machines. The plot is a bit confusing, it’s easy to get lost in time travels, but the movie is worth watching.

13. The Walk. Reaching for 3D clouds

Walk on the lines between the World Trade Center towers? It’s a movie that is actually best viewed with three-dimensional glasses. It is worth adding that Robert Zemeckis himself directed the film.

14. The head does not contain 3D

The head does not fit the proposal for the youngest, in which we meet Riley, during the move to San Francisco. A new school, home, friends turns her life upside down, and the girl begins to torment such emotions as Joy, Fear, Anger, Odra and Sorrow.

15. Rebellious 3D

Another scene of a society divided into factions, in which Niezgoda Tris is hiding. However, not for long, because soon will have to face its destiny.


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