Why Apple sells RAM more expensive than other distributors?


Apple is a company that we don’t associate with low prices. As we know well, during the configuration of the computer we can increase the RAM memory for an additional charge. 

However, it turns out that the prices of additional bones at Apple are very high. Up to several times compared to the prices of modules that can be bought separately in stores.

Apple allows you to increase the RAM in your own computers and often you have to do it immediately when setting up a new machine. 

This is due to the fact that the bones are soldered into the motherboard and can not be replaced by yourself. However, it turns out that the prices of RAM and the Cupertino company are very high.

For example, by configuring the new iMac with a 27 “5K screen, we can increase its RAM memory from 16 to 32 GB. However, the purchase of an additional 16 GB dice means a cost of up to 240 Dollars. These are 2666 MHz DDR4 modules. If we look for similar dice in stores, it turns out that you can buy them at a price of only about 75 dollars, and they will also be cheaper, so you have to pay several times more at Apple, and you can successfully replace these modules yourself.

The situation looks even worse in those computers where RAM memory cannot be replaced by itself. Here, prices can be up to about 8 times higher! An example is the MacBook Pro with a 16 “screen, in which the expansion of memory by another 16 GB is associated with an expense of 500 Dollars.

We know that Apple also has high prices when increasing storage space. Higher-capacity SSDs are also very expensive. It remains to believe that the company will better adapt its prices to those prevailing on the market over time.

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