Labour Day 2019: when was it established? Why we celebrate labour day?

why we celebrate labour day?

First may is celebrated as labour day worldwide but why we celebrate labour day and when was labour day established.

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When was labour day Established?

May 1, 2019, Labour Day falls. When was it established, what is its genesis and how do we celebrate it? These are some of the most frequently asked questions. We present the most important information about the upcoming event. Check what you should know about Labour Day 2019.

Labour Day falls on May 1, 2019. This is an international festival that is celebrated around the world.

Labour Day 2019: what is this holiday and when it was founded?
Labour Day, or the International Day of Solidarity of Workers, falls on May 1.

It is an international celebration of the working class, which is celebrated annually on the 1st of 5th, beginning in 1890. It was introduced in 1889 by the Second International to commemorate the events of the first days of May 1886 in Chicago. What is the genesis of Labour Day?

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In 1886, the owner of McCormick Harvester decided to modernize his plant. To this end, he dismissed all employees and replaced new people in their place. From May 1,  protests of former employees continued for several days. At the time of the speech of one of the strike participants, the police attacked the protesters, even though they were peaceful.

It was then that there was a massacre that went down in history as Haymarket Riot 1886. The demonstration was called the “Campaign for an 8-Hour Work Day”. A few years after these events, it was agreed that May 1 would be the day commemorating the strike that took place in Chicago and celebration began.

From than we started celebrating labour day.we hope you got answer to why we celebrate labour day?

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