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Apple may be getting ready for a small revolution. Fully Wireless

wireless iphone
wireless iphone

Port Lightning has been on the iPhone for many years. The last few models were introduced by rumors that the connector would disappear from the phone. Nothing like that happened, and the port is on every new iPhone. Now information has emerged that Lightning will disappear in 2021.

There are many indications that the coming years when it comes to the Apple smartphone portfolio, can be very interesting. There is a lot of unofficial information about the new version of the compact equipment of the Cupertino giant, i.e. the iPhone SE 2, and now we have for you new predictions of the well-known analyst of this company, Ming-Chi Kuo.

According to his information, Apple may soon decide on a revolutionary solution in the field of smartphone equipment. Already in 2021, an iPhone without a Lightning connector would appear on the market – thus, equipment without any ports would go on sale, focusing on fully wireless technologies related to multimedia or battery charging.

Interestingly, such possibilities would be offered only by the most expensive iPhone model – it can be expected that Apple will “pack” in its proprietary technologies allowing even for fast, wireless charging.

We will have to wait a long time to officially confirm these revelations – the debut of this innovative smartphone will take place in two years.

In two years, an iPhone without all ports will appear on the market

Apple will release the iPhone without wires in 2021 and SE2 Plus in a few months – report

For now, it is not certain what exactly would appear in its place. Ming-Chi Kuo, who is famous for credible information from Apple, reported the whole case. Apple says it will “abandon the Lightning port in favor of completely wireless charging.”

It’s about “top-class” iPhones in 2021, probably the Pro version. Until now, however, concepts for such solutions have appeared, but everything indicates that the Apple phone without connectors will actually appear. iPhones already support Qi charging since 2017, but the wireless charger was not included in the set. Such a revolution would mean the creation of a charger that will support “cordless” telephones.

However, two years is a lot if we consider the technology industry. Although wireless technology is still very young, there is a chance that during this period it will develop enough that Apple could afford such a step. Of course, assuming that instead of Lightning Apple will not mount, for example, a USB-C connector. However, this would be a senseless step, and certainly late. They could do it this year with model 11.

The second news the analyst said is the fact that Apple plans to release the iPhone SE2 Plus next year. It would have a 5.5 or 6.1-inch screen. Instead of Face ID, it will have a Touch ID placed under the screen.

Such reports seem revolutionary, but remember that we are not talking about the next generation of iPhone, but about the next, we can call it model 13. It can happen a lot during this time, and in my opinion, there is a good chance that we will see the phone in two years from Apple without a wired charger.

Confirmation of what we already know

From the next source, we can hear the same information as before. The upcoming “small” iPhone is to get a 4.7-inch display, Touch ID  and  A13 Bionic processor. Due to the fact that the fingerprint reader will appear where it used to be in the iPhone 8, the device can say goodbye to the design taking into account modern standards, forcing the minimization of frames. The equipment will, therefore, be visually very similar to the 2017 flagship Apple smartphone.

As for the rest of the specifications of the iPhone 9, a lot is still unclear. There is the talk of availability of two memory versions – 64 GB and 128 GB. The main camera is to get only one lens – maybe it will be an improved version of the matrix used in the iPhone XR.

iPhone 9 better name than iPhone SE 2?

It is difficult to refer to this information otherwise than to anecdotal evidence. Calling such a rather archaic-looking device “iPhone 9” may not very favorably affect the image of Apple as a company producing premium smart phones. On the other hand, since the Cupertino giant cares about the sales success of the cheapest possible iPhone, referring to the classic numbering can be something that will allow many users to gain in countries where the price counts more than what the company logo symbolizes.

Personally, I am not convinced that Apple would really want to call its small smart phone iPhone 9. It would introduce a huge mess, not to mention the movement among fans. The only question is whether the company is very concerned about their opinion since the premiere of the model is planned for 2021, which will be deprived of all ports and sockets

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